0 0 Date : 14 August 2020

A word from the president

A word from the president

Nowadays, most developed countries have achieved knowledge-based industries. Islamic republic of Iran is also looking forward to having improved in this field by the next 20 years based on its Future prospects for which an efficient relationship between the government, universities and industries is of course needed. A great way to create that relationship is by science and technology parks.

Science and technology parks could not only bring together different technologies but also give universities and scientific centers a chance to put their innovations on display.

Besides; they provide countries with several job opportunities and are supportive of entrepreneurs.

Considering these advantages and the fact that a major part of our society consists of young people, it is vital for our country to develop science and technology parks.

Thus, we, as the golestan science and technology park community, are trying to do our share of this movement by supporting entrepreneurs as much as we can.