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Consulting services

Consulting services

Innovation, creativity, and improvement are always more likely to rise up from exchanging ideas and consulting with other people.

Taking advice from experts is an inevitable part of decision making if you want to get the best of what you do. It could expand your point of view on cases, indicate paths and change lives.

Om the other hand, an idea needs to go all the way from being just an sparkle, to be thought about in think tanks, going through business incubators, and creating knowledge based companies. The ultimate goal of an idea however, is to be commercialized and it is only then, that an idea is considered successful.

All that being said, Golestan science and technology park is willing to share experiences and opinions from experts on your ideas to help you take them through all the journey they need to pass.

We are offering these services in fields such as:

_Technical consultation

_consultations on insurance and guarantees

_Consultations on safety and standards

_Consultations on taxes and customs

_Consultations on business affairs and exporting technical and engineering services

_Consultations on legal affairs

_Consultations on administrative and financial affairs